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My expertise in Hypnotherapy can help with most mind related matters.
Whether you wish to find some relief from stress related difficulties, to stop habits like smoking, to aid weight loss, to gain the confidence and courage to do the things in life that you have always wanted to do, or maybe you just wish to switch off and experience deep relaxation? Hypnotherapy can help!

Hypnotherapy could also help you to overcome any psychological barriers.
At times in our life we can experience distressing events and uncomfortable feelings. These can present themselves through symptoms of feeling unbalanced, psychical pain or even through phobias. Sometimes we know the cause of these feelings or this physical pain and at other times we may have no idea what is causing the pain and wonder why we feel the way we do. Hypnotherapy could help you in all of these cases.

In recent years there has been a steady, growing awareness towards the value of hypnotherapy. It is used in the treatment of not only psychological, physical and emotional problems, but also in many areas of self-improvement such as sports and business achievements.

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is where your mind switches off from day-to-day thoughts and stresses, leaving you very calm, relaxed and stress-free. This allows the whole body to become relaxed so that the therapy can take place.
Many think that Hypnosis is sleep, but it is not because you are still able to communicate whilst in Hypnosis. We are in a light hypnotic state whilst daydreaming, watching a television program and even when doodling so this is not a new thing that you are offering to your body as we are doing it everyday!
Clinical Hypnotists such as myself will take you to a deeper state of hypnosis were we are able to add positive suggestion and transform the undesired patterns that have developed over the years and have been causing anxiety, into working towards something more desirable of your choice.

Is It Safe?
Hypnotherapy is a very safe form of therapy, it is a voluntary and co-operative state that you can enter and leave at will so you are always in control.



Listed below are a few things suggestion based hypnotherapy can help you with:

Smoking Cessation
Stress Management
Weight Control
Habits (Like Nail Biting ETC)
Exam Nerves
Driving Test Fears
Anxiety About Driving
Self Confidence
Social Phobias
Dentist Fear
Goal Achievement
Easy Book Learning
Concentration and Recall
Speaking in Public
Sexual Enhancement
Financial Abundance
Morning Sickness
Self Acceptance
Stuttering and Stammering
Panic Attacks

Cant find what you are looking for and you need help? Then ask me – I know I can help.

Group Therapies
Some of these suggestion based hypnotherapies can be very effective if done in groups – such as ‘Weight Control’. Groups can also benefit from a discounted price!

Bring suggestion hypnotherapy into your workplace to help to step up performance. Please ask me about it.

Hypnoanalysis and Analytical Hypnotherapy
Hypnoanalysis and Analytical Hypnotherapy is used for hidden, deep routed issues that are now showing themselves in another form, causing negative control over your life.
The Hypnotherapist, with chosen words, will encourage the deep routed issues to rise from where they have been shut away, releasing the emotion that goes with the issue, dissolving it and creating positive changes.

Medical Advice Disclaimer
If you require advice relating to a particular health problem I strongly urge you to contact your doctor or other professional medical practitioner. I am not qualified to provide medical advice about health problems and nothing in the content of this web-site constitutes any form of medical advice. The information provided on this web-site should be regarded as complimentary to, not a substitute for, conventional healthcare.

If you want to know more and how Hypnotherapy can help you then please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your needs and concerns.

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It was such a good meeting! At Lynda Oldham Spiritualist Centre, I have enjoyed every seconds of it. And I made some new friends. I had a wonderful reading also. You have created such a wonderful ambiance Lynda. Thank you. And the best thing: We all feel close to one another.
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