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Cancer Care

The HEARTS Process

“But, O! For the touch of a vanish’d hand And the sound of a voice that is still”.

The Hearts Process is a therapeutic approach inspired by the lines above from
Tennyson’s poem, Break, break, break.

Sometimes conventional approaches to massage and aromatherapy are not the best choice for patients who have cachexia, poor muscle tone, friable skin, swelling or skin which finds it difficult to absorb oil or creams. Hearts however, uses a combination of techniques, which can be used at all stages of the cancer journey. It has been specially devised for therapists and healthcare professionals which need to do something when its needed, in the now when its needed for patients, clients, carers or anyone seeking relaxation, using these simple but effective techniques.

HEARTS is an acronym for;

H ands-on
E mpathy
A romatherapy
R elaxation
T extures
S ound

HEARTS relies largely on the intuition of Lynda and rapport, rather than on prescriptive techniques. The Hands-on component regards the skin as a sensory canvas, which can be stimulated through the skillful use of touch.

HEARTS always involves skillful physical touch which is given by Lynda with Empathy and from a state of ‘pali’ – a term used in Thai Massage which can be translated as ‘loving kindness’. The hands-on work is usually carried out through a fabric to stimulate and enhanced sensory experiences.

Aromatherapy – the controlled use of essential oils – can play a useful part. The Hearts Practitioner, Lynda, can use a single oil or a blend of essential oils for indirect inhalation using a burner. The aroma can then be used as a smell anchor on other occasions. If oils are not possible due to sensitivity, then Lynda can bring forth aroma memories from the past which will help to induce the aroma without creating the sensitivity.

Lynda’s aim, using the Hearts process, is to promote a state of Relaxation for the receiver through rapport, touch and the human voice to calm body and mind.

She feels that Textures play an important role in the ‘skillful touch’. They are applied through clothing, blankets, sheets, warm towels or duvets – the textures of fabric add something extra special to the experience. Gentle stroking through a warm towel offers a different sensory experience to receiving the same stroke through a blanket or dressing gown. Depending on the circumstances and the experience offered by lynda, all could be just as satisfying. There is also a big advantage in that the patient/client doesn’t have to remove any clothing at all. Clients with Lymphedema will benefit greatly through the gentle ‘finger brushing’ technique through the clothing that they are wearing.

Five ways of using touch skilfully include:

* Stroking – along the body or in circles with the aim
of relaxation.
* Finger Brushing – for light work and pleasant
sensory sensations
* Holding Techniques – for stillness and peace.
* Gentle Pressure – for safety and security.
* Therapeutic Holding – for tuning into tissues and

Sound in this context is the sound of the human voice, the gentle voice of Lynda – although some practitioners prefer to use quiet repetitive music in the background. The sound of Lynda’s voice is more personalised, quiet and repetitive, creating rapport and promoting a relaxed state. Sometimes a client cannot relax by the use of a touch therapy alone. In the HEARTS process, Lynda integrates the personalised words into the hands-on work, so it becomes integral to the experience rather than using the more traditional methods.

HEARTS is not prescriptive, but complementary: it does not rely on using all of the components each time it is used. Lynda can “pick and mix” according to patient/clients needs. It is used in many diverse situations such as assisting sleep, promoting deeper breathing, reducing anxiety, creating a safe place, relaxation… and to help patients/clients to feel better within themselves, hence enabling them to deal with the future better.

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