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I have been suffering from IBS for years with terrible stomach pains brought on by stress. After a few natural healing treatments with Lynda, it appears to have gone. I definitely recommend Lynda to other fellow IBS sufferers!
K. Golding

Crystal Healing

I have found Lynda to be very good value, her crystal relaxation therapy worked very well for me, I was pleasently surprised. She is friendly and has a very disarming manner! Happy to recommend her.
Glenn Carter (Source: LinkedIn, November 2011)


Lynda is a wonderful spirit with lots of integrity, full of love and compassion for her fellow kind. A beautiful shining soul that can bring comfort to a troubled person. An example of real love. A very gifted individual.
Tony Jaye Sachel-Wing (Source: LinkedIn, December 2011)

Psychic Laser Surgery

In April 2011 I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, a wretchedly painful condition which, in some cases, is incurable.  Having seen several doctors and tried various courses of treatment I was, by the end of the year, still in frequent and considerable pain. Earlier in the year I had had healing sessions with Lynda which provided effective but not permanent relief.  In November Lynda suggested Psychic Laser Surgery.  When you are in great pain your mind opens to all possibilities, so I was more than willing to try Psychic Laser Surgery.  After the first session I noticed immediate relief and my partner commented on how calm and relaxed I had become.  Another session followed and now, in January 2012, my periods of pain are short, infrequent and much less severe.  I am convinced that Lynda has helped me and would recommend anybody in pain to try Psychic Laser Surgery” Richard Goodwin (Source: Email, Jan 2012

Development Circle

If for nothing else, i hope this makes you swell with pride Lynda.
JR does get her words muddled sometimes but this time i think she’s pretty spot on. You are a fantastic inspiration to myself and all those you reach. Without you and your teachings i would not be feeling the way i do now, i would still be in a semi depressed state. But with your guidance i have found that i am not alone anymore. Thank you x x Lynda Keeshan(Source: Email, May 2012)

Development Circle

I had faith that what I needed to learn come from Lynda and from the spiritual circle.
Lynda taught me to open my heart my mind and my understanding through Spiritual guidance.
I know she is just as good as any of those mediums we saw yesterday at Stansted Hall.
Yes they have the financial backing off the centre and it’s a job to them, they have to prompt the centre. I’m not saying that is wrong or they not good spiritualist, they are and each can teach others and each work very differently but Where… I feel Lynda works with love, sensitivity and warmth and she is just as good as anyone of those clairvoyants we saw yesterday.
She teachers us with care and consideration, she knows us personally.
We have built up a relationship which is based on respect and esteem.
I personally feel that Lynda is meant to show me the
way forward, the door is now ajar so to speak.
JR (Source: Email, May 2012)

‘Lynda OLdham Spiritualist Centre’ and Clairvoyance

Hi lynda, really enjoyed last weeks meeting at Spiritualist Centre, Stanway Village Hall, its a nice venue, can’t make tonite as I am unwell and I am off work at the moment, it was so refreshing, every one was so frienly and there was humour and lighthearted feel to the service, so much nicer than the one I go to in clacton its to serious. My wife and mum say thank you for the clairvoyance you were so acurate, and the diagnoses were so acurate to, hope to get to the next meeting, if you need someone to fill in doing reiki or spirituall healing let me know, if I’m free I will always help out as its for a very good course best wishes mike leonard
Mike Leonard (Source: Email, Aug 2012)


Thanks Lynda for the healing on Tuesday.
Lynda helped me to get my energy back on track and was very kind and understanding regarding my situation. I felt great after a session of EFT with her and have kept up the techniques she taught me”
Gayle Blossom (Source: Email, Oct 2012)

Clairvoyant Evening

Hi lynda, just wanted to thank you for your wonderful demonstration of clairvoyance that you gave at my local church. As i said, you were phenomenal. The messages you gave my friends were so amazingly accurate, i felt i had to write and thank you, even now three weeks later we are still talking about them. as for the message you gave me months ago about my hospital stay (or not as you told me) well everything happened just as you said. keep up your fantastic work. love and light always x c
Christine D (Source: Email, Nov 2012)

Psychic Surgery

Hello Lynda, as you know i had a stroke at the end of 2012, and you kindly gave me some psychic surgery healing. At the end of it you informed me of the exact location as to where you was working which was on the left side of the brain, where the clot was or had been. Apparently these clots can disperse sometimes. At the time of your healing i felt as though a scalpel was being used the left side, inside my brain. At this stage I had not been told from the hospital where the clot had been.  Later on when I spoke to the consultant, he informed me that the clot had been precisely where you said it had been and where i had felt you working.
My speech had been affected by the stroke too. After the surgery you done we both noticed that my speech had improved, I phoned a good friend and they said that my speech was a lot better too.
I was very pleased with your work, and would consult you again. Thank you very much.  J.
Jack Townsend (Source: Email, Jan 2013)

Mediumship, Divine Service

You were very good Sunday at The Guardian Angel Spiritualist Centre, Lowestoft. It was lovely to see you, you are always happy and kind. Definitely think Spirit made me come to Lowestoft on Sunday to see you. Carry on as you are, you are an amazing person and medium. Love Donna. xxxx
Donna (Source: Email, Jan 2013)

Meeting Your Spiritual Guides

What a great night at Lynda Oldham , so much healing going on. Meeting our spiritual guides again,(my main guide) my grandad showed me why I was to accept him with all the fish around him, ( he knows I hate fish. ) Must think about the less fortunate people who are in need of food and shelter.
Such a wonderful experience, yet again, had a great nights sleep, woke myself up laughing out so loud, long time since I have been SO happy , thank you Lynda from LA THERAPY LOUNGE , SO blessed to have met you X X X
K Shaw (Source: email, Feb 2013)

Funereal Service

when my wife sadly passed recently, I was having trouble finding a spiritualist suitable to take the funereal service.
Then I received a call, informing me that Lynda was willing to perform this task for me and the family.
Lynda was very calming and the service was done the Spiritualist way.
I felt safe in Lynda’s care, and thank her, not only for her genuine help but, also her professionalism on the day” From Jason Brooks ( A new friend )
Jason Brooks (Source: Email, February 2013)

Weight Loss

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Lynda’s Hypnotherapy for weight loss. I was a little apprehensive of being hypnotised with a group of strangers but i shouldn’t have worried. Lynda made us more than welcome and we soon all become friends. I have so far lost 1 stone 8 pounds and know that i will go on to lose more. Thank you Lynda for helping me to change my eating habits and hopefully improve my health.”
Lorraine Lawrences (Source: Email, April 2013)

Psychic Art Workshop

Lovely relaxing day at Lynda Oldham Psychic Art Workshop. Surprised myself A LOT!! Thank u for a wonderful day xx
Clair Banks (Source:FB, June 2013)

Psychic Development Workshop

Hi Lynda, thanks for a great day we both really enjoyed the psychic development workshop, it certainly gave me an idea of what I would like to learn more about. It was inspiring and your a great teacher. Thank you. xxx
Sue Kerry (Source:FB, June 2013)

1 to 1 Private Reading

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful and positive reading last Saturday week.
It was wonderful to meet you and i felt such positive energy in your presence. Although i am still having the odd ‘bad’ day, things do seem to be on the up. Thank you for such wise and kind guidance, i think i am on the right road now although i am aware there may be some hassles to face before i can make my next leap.
I bought some Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Amethyst and Rose Quartz last week and guess what? I haven’t had a nightmare or any other interference since, just pleasant dreams. Thank you.
Tara (Source:Email, July 2013)

Church Clairvoyant Evening

Lynda thank you for your work with spirit at the Beechs on Saturday evening I know that every one enjoyed the evening and the experience of seeing flower sentience xxx Val Perrott
Yes it was a fantastic evening you’re readings were a 100% correct thank you xx Wendy
Wendy Sharon Hall & Val Perrott (Source:FB, October 2013)

Psychic Party

We booked Lynda for an evening of individual readings at my home. Lynda is a lovely lady who makes you feel comfortable the moment your in her presence! She was spot on with my reading and brought my relatives through from Spirit with very good evidence and guidance,i know that everyone in our group felt the same. She is very calming and at no point makes you feel uncomfortable. I would highly recommend her!!!
Jennie (Source:text Nov 2013)


After last nights reading and healing, just wanted to say my head & especially my neck are the best they’ve felt for sometime!! Never had that done before & feel ‘energised’ for the whole experience!! Felt I wanted to share that with you!
Trevor (Source:text Jan 2014)

Lynda Oldham Spiritualist Centre

Had a brilliant time last night.I was blessed to have a reading by The Psychic Artist, Brian which was wonderful! I also got some lovely goodies too! It is the highlight of my month and a chance to recharge my spiritual batteries!! Thanks for a great evening!
Amanda Pay (Source:FB March 2014)

Church Service

We would like to thank you Lynda for such a lovely and uplifting service at the weekend in March 2014. Your Mediumship was clear and concise and the congregation commented “what a lovely night ”
We look forward to another evening with you in the future.
Blessings The Cedars, Ipswich.
Kanti (Source:txt March 2014)

Psychic Party

Thank you Lynda for yesterday. You are an amazing lady with not only your special gift but with a lot of warmth and caring. I am so glad I had my reading with you as you understood where I was coming from and what I had and have been through. My reading was accurate and I think we could of gone on as still I find questions for the future needing answering. I am going to get myself some cards now as practising with yours was a success. I will try in small steps to get my life in order. I am my own worst enemy as you said and I knew that before u told me, but u sometimes don’t listen or take note on what is staring you in the face. God bless you.
Nikki (Source:email May 2014)

Retreat Readings

Lynda Oldham did such a wonderful job yesterday at our Tipree retreat and she still looked gorgeous when she left after many readings all day. Still with a smile on her face !!!! You are a trooper Lynda thank you so much for adding your lovely graceful presents to the occasion xxxx
Lynne (Source:FB June 2014)

Divine Service – Beeches

Thanks for my message this evening at the Beeches. You have a lovely manner about you and I like the way you deliver your messages.
How would you like to be a guest on my internet chat programme?
Paul Salmon (Source:FB November 2014)

Private Reading

Hi just wanted to say a very big thank you for today’s reading
My mum is in pain with her side as you said
And many more things have come to lite as well
So thank you so so so much
Kerry x
Kerry Heavingham (Source:FB March 2015)

Divine Service – Bury St Edmunds

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my wonderful message about my little girl, you were so spot on about her, everyone that meets her says she is an old soul. Thank you so much again it really means a lot. You have such a beautiful way with words and the way you work is so calming.
Ria Gilks (Source:FB July 2015)

Lynda Oldham Spiritualist Centre – Stanway

It was such a good meeting! At Lynda Oldham Spiritualist Centre, I have enjoyed every seconds of it. And I made some new friends. I had a wonderful reading also. You have created such a wonderful ambiance Lynda. Thank you. And the best thing: We all feel close to one another.
Martine Angel (Source:FB April 2016)

1 to 1 MBS Event

Good morning Lynda, I had a fabulous time with you at Felixstowe’s MBS Saturday. The art workshop that you run was so much fun & very interesting and my private reading you gave me afterwards was amazing. You have put my mind so much at ease that I feel ready to conquer the my world & come out stronger for spirit. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Angel blessings & love xxx
Sandra wheeler (Source:FB May 2016)

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It was such a good meeting! At Lynda Oldham Spiritualist Centre, I have enjoyed every seconds of it. And I made some new friends. I had a wonderful reading also. You have created such a wonderful ambiance Lynda. Thank you. And the best thing: We all feel close to one another.
l Martine (Source: fb April 2016)

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